Who is Patrick Juma Owino?

Patrick has an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management and spent more than 22 years working in the sales and business management field, playing, and winning in different roles.

In 2013, he moved to Canada as an immigrant with his wife and two young children. Immediately, he chose to take a door-to-door commission sales job that would enable him to learn Canadian business environment. One year later, in April 2014, he founded; All Clean Property Services (ACPS), a home service business. The company is now a leading service provider in the Greater Edmonton Metro Area. For the last seven years, he has been CEO and Chief Growth Officer at ACPS.

Patrick also works with Entrepreneurs (prior to the beginning of their entrepreneurial journeys as well as entrepreneur who have already started and may be scaling their businesses) who want to move forward and thrive through Mastering Strategic Planning.

Patrick Delivers what you want

What entrepreneurs learn from Patrick Juma Owino produces results: The entrepreneurs achieve their business’s prime objectives of GETTING new customers, KEEPING existing customers coming back and MAKING even more profits.

Having Patrick Juma Owino on your program will create momentum among your entrepreneurs to attend your conference (live or Virtual) because they know the are going to get actionable ideas to build their business and be inspired to implement.


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