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4 Tips to Stay Energized and Productive Throughout the Day

By Patrick Juma 3 years ago.

Do you sometimes feel tired, sluggish, or lifeless? Now, imagine what else you could accomplish if you were able to maintain a high energy level for all your prime 1000 minutes?

I will share with you 4 tips to get strong, healthy, lively, and productive.

Jogging along the boardwalk
Credit/Filip Mroz/Unsplash
  1. Have a restful sleep (at least 6 to 7 hours).
  2. Eat healthy meals.
  3. Do moderate exercise at a time when you feel sluggish. It will increase the total time you will be alert and productive with your work, family, and friends.
  4. Keep exercise in your schedule. Physical activity generates your body’s natural feel-good chemicals which boost confidence and feelings of well-being. This way you stay motivated to keep goings for your goals.

The simple truth is there are no dead peak performers. For even minimal performance, you must be, act and feel alive. If you do not have the energy to do whatever it takes, you will never perform up to your true potential.

Apart from proper rest and healthy meals, regular exercise routine guarantees you:

  1. Higher energy,
  2. An improved mental state,
  3. Weight control,
  4. Increased stamina,
  5. Improved health, and
  6. Reduced stress.

Keep your body, emotions, mind, and spirit in good shape and your goals will follow.

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